Collectively, we are paving the way to the best sustainable molecular healthcare model in Europe
AIPES (Association of Imaging Producers & Equipment Suppliers) brings the major pharmaceutical laboratories in nuclear medicine together with the major producers of medical equipments for this area of medicine, both multinationals and local medium size companies.
Associating drugs using short-life radionuclides, that, once injected into the patient, enable 3D imaging, using state-of-the-art cameras, nuclear medicine tracks important pathologies such as cancer and heart or brain dysfunction.

The defense and promotion of the actors in this highly regulated discipline requires an integrated organization such as AIPES.

In addition to its role as provider of a forum for addressing specific radio-pharmaceutical issues (similar to CORAR in the US) and its role as an industrial partner to the European Association of Nuclear Medicine and any other European medical society that could help in the promotion of diagnostic imaging, AIPES has as its goal, to communicate to the public the medical potential and the latest technical developments in the field of nuclear medicine.



An AIPES Symposium
Wednesday 16 September 2015
Theâtre du Vaudeville, Brussels
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