Executive Committee

The business and administration of the Grouping is under the control of the Executive Committee which takes all steps necessary to attain the objectives of the Grouping. The Executive Committee is endorsed with the power, vis-a-vis third parties, to act in all manners for and on behalf of the Grouping.

The 2016 – 2019 Executive Committee is composed as follows:

 JMVJean-Michel Vanderhofstadt

General Manager, IRE (Institut des Radioéléments), IRE Elit (Environment & Lifescience Technology) and Transrad, Fleurus, Belgium.
Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt is graduated from the Universities of Liège and Brussels, Belgium, where he obtained his degree of industrial pharmacist and post-degree in Business Management, respectively. From 1986 to 2004, he worked for SCA Mölnlycke in Belgium, Ireland, Czech Republic and Sweden as a quality control manager, product developer, production manager, site manager, general manager of the Czech subsidiary and R&D surgical business director, Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2005, he took the position of General Manager of a large Belgian company active in the food sector. Since June 2008, he is the General Manager of IRE, Fleurus, Belgium.
He is also President of the company Transrad specialized in transportation of nuclear material, and represents IRE as director of Sterigenics and Oncidium.
He is appointed lecturer at the Universities of Liège, Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium, being in charge of a course on Business management.

 MNaderMichael Nader
Vice President
CEO of AAA Germany, managing the PET-Tracer production in Germany.
After his doctoral thesis in radiopharmaceutical chemistry, Michael started his career as Research Associate in the development and evaluation of novel PET - radiopharmaceuticals at the German Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg as well as the Duke University Medical Centre in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

From 1999 to 2012, he was responsible for the radiopharmaceutical PET – tracer production at the company IASON situated in Austria, where he gained experience in setting up several cyclotron production sites and in the establishment of an R & D program as well as a regulatory affairs team. In 2013 he joined the AAA- Group.

Antonis 130pxAntonis Kalemis
Vice President

Antonis studied biomedical engineering, medical physics and business management, in Greece and the United Kingdom.

After his PhD, he held R&D and technical marketing positions in the radiopharmaceuticals and medical devices industries.

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angel 130pxAngel Hijos
Vice President

International Demand Planning & Supply chain Business Integrator, Lilly Europe & Canada, Marketing Alzheimer.
Angel studied Agriculture engineering in France. He worked 2 years in Barcelona for a French company in the dairy business before joining Lilly France on January 1990. Angel held several position within Lilly, a global Pharmaceutical company, in IT, Finance, Audit, Commercial, Distribution, and business outsourcing projects. A wealth of experience gained across Europe and USA.
Since 2013, Angel supports the Lilly Global Alzheimer team as Alliance Manager.In his role, Angel Interacts across Europe with Key Opinion Leaders in Neurology and Nuclear Medicine.

Brussels Central Office
The administration office, based in Brussels, is in charge of coordination between stakeholders, and acts as a liaison office and an information platform between the Group and the other European entities.

 JBaldassoJocelyne Baldasso
Based in the AIPES Brussels Central Office since 2006, Jocelyne Baldasso is in charge of the administration, the corporate activities and the coordination between the Board, the Working Groups and third parties.
Prior to that, she evolved in the field of contemporary art and acted as coordinator for the negotiations with governmental bodies for the realization of monumental sculptures and projects in the US, Asia and Europe.
Jocelyne has an extensive experience at corporate, governmental and executive levels within international companies and European Associations. She holds a degree in psychology of sciences of human behaviour (awarded in 1998)