Mission Statement

AIPES Mission Statement
"Imaging & Therapy with Molecular and Radioactive Tracers"

Our Objectives:
1. Foster Innovation in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging;
2. Cooperate for appropriate regulations in all aspects of nuclear medicine missions;
3. Support and facilitate logistics and operations needs of our members;
4. Promote the value of nuclear medicine achievements;
5. Harmonization through Europe;
6. Simplification of rules and procedures.

AIPES’ Position on Radiopharmaceuticals: Three Pillars to Drive our Actions:

  • PATIENTS SAFETY Full compliance: adoption of all relevant requirements, both on radioactivity and pharmaceuticals Compliance covers the entire process: from R&D, to manufacturing, to distribution, to any after sale events
  • INNOVATION Tradition of innovation and commitment to novel, future tracers Development of new drugs will require a more tailored regulatory approach
  • HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE Ensuring products and technology availability for millions of procedures all over Europe.