General Assembly

The General Meeting is composed of all the Members of the Grouping. Each member shall appoint an authorized representative to attend and vote on its behalf at a General Meeting. The General Assembly adopts resolutions, elects Managers of the Association and agrees to the admission of new Members. The General Meeting is composed of appointed representatives from each Member or Associate partner of the Association. Each representative has one vote and resolutions shall only be adopted by unanimous consent.

The members of the Grouping can, by a written resolution taken by unanimous consent, take all decisions which are subject to the General Meeting, out of a meeting, except for those decisions for which the adoption before a notary must be provided. Following the adoption of a resolution, the Executive Committee shall ensure that the statutory filing requirements are complied with.

The representatives of the 2015-2016 AIPES General Assembly are :

  • Stefano Buono CEO – Advanced Accelerator Applications, France
  • Etienne Montagut Executive Director, Global Product Franchise Leader, Neurology & Cardiology, GE Healthcare, United Kingdom
  • Piotr Maniawski Director Clinical Science, Advanced Molecular Imaging, Philips Healthcare
  • Mika Nyyssönen Managing Director, MAP Medical, Finland
  • Phil Larabie President, Medical Isotopes, Nordion Belgium
  • Renaud Dehareng President CURIUM (alternate: Roy Brown, Senior Director Strategic Alliances)
  • Mustafa Aydın Küçük General Manager, Monrol Europe, Romania
  • Deborah Langhammer Vice-President, Imaging and Therapy Systems, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Germany
  • Serge Goossens General Manager, ISI – Isotopes Service International, Belgium
  • Angel Hijos Director European Manufacturing Operations, Eli Lilly France
  • Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt CEO – IRE – Institut des Radio Elements, Belgium
  • Bruno Scutnaire Vice President, IBA Radiopharma Solutions, Belgium
  • Ira N. Goldman Senior Director, Global Strategic Supply and Government Relations - Lantheus Medical Imaging, United Kingdom (Alternate : Hester Larkin)
  • Sebastien Ballet ‎Brand Team Leader & Head of Drug Discovery, Guerbet Group, France
  • Gyozo Janoki General Manager, Medi-Radiopharma, Hungary
  • Eric L. Guilbert Director, Commercial Operations Canada, Europe & Asia, Jubilant Draximage Inc, United Kingdom
  • Yann Guinard Vice President, AREVA NP CERCA - Nuclear Medical Product Line, Areva, France
  • Pierre Dejonckheere Director, Transrad, Belgium
  • Ted Broadbent Global Brand Director, Blue Earth, United Kingdom

Associate Partners
(The members of the Grouping decide to associate the following companies, non-members of the Grouping, because having their head offices out of the EU Territory with the activities of one or more working groups, and having the title of Associate Partner)

  • Konrade von Bremen CEO, Swan Isotopen, Switzerland
  • Yasuharu Sato Manager, Fuji Film RI Corporation, Japan
  • Katrina Pitas Vice President of Business Development, SHINE Medical Technologies, USA
  • Ludovic Wouters, Managing Director and CEO & Samuel Voccia Managing Director and CSO ANMI, Belgium
  • Odile Jaume VP Sales & Marketing Global, Molecubes, Belgium
  • Robert N. Brosofsky, CPSM Vice President, Strategic Sourcing and Logistics, QSA Global, Inc, USA