Ira Goldman

Chairman of the Security of Supply Working Group
Senior Director, Global Strategic Supply and Government Relations for Lantheus Medical Imaging
Member of the Health Policy Group of CORAR US

Over thirty years experience in international nuclear technology affairs including prior positions with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria, and the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of State in Washington DC
Ira has a Masters in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Bernard Ponsard

Deputy Chairman of the Group,
Reactor Physicist, Project Manager "Radioisotopes & NTD Silicon"
SCK.CEN, BR2 Reactor, Mol, Belgium

Regis Martin

COO, IBA Molecular, France

Frank de Lange

Managing Director

Phil Larabie

General Manager, Medical Isotopes

David Pellicciarini

Vice President, Pharmacy Safety, Practice and Technical Operations
Cardinal Health

Nassar Hussein

GE Healthcare

David Achiolas

Radiochemical production - IRE, Belgium

Roy Brown

Vice President, Government Affairs & Strategic Alliances

Yasuharu Sato

Manager, Procurement Group, Fujifilm R.I. Pharma-co., LTD

Yann Guinard

Managing Director of CERCA™
the Research Reactor Fuels and Medical Irradiation Targets Division of FRAMATOME.

Aysin Eris

Purchasing Manager

Krzysztof Banko

Commercial Director,
National Centre for Nuclear Research
Radioisotope Centre POLATOM, Otwock, Poland

Marjolijn Droog

Jayne Senior

General Manager
ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty. Ltd.

Vlastimil Juricek

Director of Reactors Operations Section - Centrum Vyzkumu Rez
Research Institute Rez, Czech Republic

Grzegorz Krzysztoszek

Director of Nuclear Energy Department ,
National Centre for Nuclear Research
Otwock-Swierk, Poland

Piet Louw

Operations Director
NTP Safari, Pelindaba Site, Pretoria, South Africa

Pablo Cristini

Responsible Radio Isotopes Production,
CNEA, Argentina

Winfried Petry

Scientific Director FRM II
Forschungs-Neutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Jean-Pierre Coulon

Project Manager Radiopharmaceutical production

Connie Hesse

Executive Assistant to the Science Directorate
Forschungs-Neutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Satoru Hatakeyama

General Affairs Division
Japanese Radioisotope Association – JRIA, Japan