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AIPES TROPHY 1 AIPES believes that nuclear medicine plays a valuable role in improving healthcare in Europe. Positive and clear communication to a broad audience about nuclear medicine will contribute to better awareness and understanding of the importance of nuclear medicine in Europe. In this context, AIPES NMAW Working Group decided to create a biannual award, for the best published article or online media feature. The winner of the AIPES PRESS award receives 2,000 euros and a specially commissioned sculpture created by the famous Belgian sculptor, Olivier Strebelle.

The 2015 AIPES Press Award
FREUDENBERG AWARDWe awarded the 2015 prize to Prof. Lutz Freudenberg, from ZRN Grevenbroich, Germany, for the video “How does bone scintigraphy works”: Prof. Freudenberg believes it is important for patients and their families to understand the Nuclear Medicine Scans that they have been referred for in a very clear and well informed manner. For this reason, he decided to produce his own short and concise movie-clip, very clearly explaining the procedure that the patient will undergo when having a bone scan.

The 2013 AIPES Press Award
MARIONThe 2013 Press and media award was presented during the EANM Congress in Lyon, France on 23 October to Prof. Marion de Jong, from the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, for the video “Radiopeptides destroy tumor cells”. This video aims to educate the public, especially patients and students, on the excellent clinical results obtained with radiolabelled peptides for both visualization and treatment of cancer.
The video can be seen on Youtube

The 2011 AIPES Press Award
AIPES Press award ceremonyAIPES has awarded the inaugural nuclear medicine Press Award to Professor Serge Goldman for his article “La Médecine Nucléaire au Service du Cerveau Malade” published by Media Planet for the Belgian newspaper “La Libre”. Prof. Serge Goldman is the Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Erasme Hospital (University of Brussels).

AIPES also decided to award a special prize to Dr. Claudine Als, from the Service of Nuclear Medicine at the ZithaKlinik in Luxemburg for her collective work of articles on nuclear medicine which she initiated and coordinated for the local newspaper “Jeudi” prior to the first French-Belgian-Luxemburg Nuclear Medicine congress in May 2011. Dr. Als is Nuclear Physician, MD, graduated from the ULB (Belgium).

Announcing the awards during the 2011 EANM ceremony in Birmingham on 19 October Marc Gheeraert, President of AIPES, said: “We all know how important nuclear medicine is for a wide variety of clinical areas and healthcare in general. However, it is not always easy to explain, in a simple way, the advantages it brings to all our stakeholders including patients. Therefore we highly appreciate Prof. Goldman’s article in “La Libre”. It explains in layman’s terms what nuclear medicine can do for neurological diseases, illustrated with relevant pictures and simple facts. I hope this award stimulates others to write in a similar way about nuclear medicine”.