EU Affairs

A keystone in the European Building
28 countries where more than 500 million people live with an average life expectancy of 78 years and speak over 200 languages: that is how impressive the European Union is. In order to regulate very technical subjects, European Union Authorities need and seek professional expertise and advice. Nowadays, lobbyists are well respected stakeholders involved in EU-decision making processes. The European Union has chosen to institutionalize lobbying. This benefits everyone. The involvement of private stakeholders in the EU decision-making processes provide legislative and regulatory authorities with information over some highly technical issues. This guarantees that the wording included in final legislation reflects the balanced interests of all public and private stakeholders.

In addition to traditional players in the field of molecular medicine, AIPES stays in close contact with political and regulatory European Authorities (members of the European Parliament, of European Commission Directorates and Medical Agencies) as well as with the media and patient associations.

AIPES is recognized as the privileged interlocutor between the European Union and industry representatives in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, molecular imaging systems and related medical equipment. The growing interest of EU representatives and of Member States Authorities for Health and Energy strengthens the role of AIPES in this field.

The clinical potential of molecular healthcare involves many aspects regulated by the EU. AIPES daily monitors numerous European decision making processes which impact member’s activity and patient wellbeing.

Being part of the current imaging diagnostics revolution; through AIPES, the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging industry wants to provide the public with relevant and compliant information.