Emergency Response Team

In order to be able to assess all potential shortage situations, to mitigate them and to inform the healthcare supply chain in a coordinated and responsible way, AIPES and the Security of Supply Working Group decided, in 2012, to create a special Unit inside the WG “Security of Supply” named “Emergency Response Team” (ERT).

The ERT is composed of 4 representatives which are technically knowledgeable decision makers each respectively emerging from reactors, processors, generators and manufacturers. They are elected by the representatives of AIPES Members that take part in the WG “Security of Supply”, one of them is elected as “head of the ERT”.

The head of the ERT reports to the Security of Supply Working Group and to the Executive Committee. The minutes of the ERT are shared by the members of the Security of Supply WG and transmitted to the Steering Committee of the “European Observatory Steering Committee for the Supply of medical radioisotopes” (“European Observatory”).

The role of the ERT is to share information about the emergency and identify plans to minimize the impact. In addition, the ERT participates in planning exercises.
These exercises are intended to identify potential obstacles that would prevent or delay the efforts of the ERT team in the process of minimizing the impact of the emergency on Mo-99 availability.