Cessation of Mo-99 Production Activities by NTP Radioisotopes Ltd. (NTP) Update
ANSTO Press Release – OPAL reactor - Update

• Brussels, 9 July 2018
The AIPES Emergency Response Team (ERT*) composed of Mo-99 processors, research reactors, and generator manufacturers had a telecon on Monday 9 July 2018 to receive an update from NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa) on the temporary interruption of its Mo-99 and I-131 production activities. NTP reported that following meetings and information and documentation submissions to National Nuclear Regulator (NNR), it continues to await NNR’s feedback and approval in response to its request to resume Mo-99 production operations.

Processors and Generators expressed that for the time being, there is no major problems in the production initially planned, and that all are trying to manage through the NTP production outage. Situation will have to be reconsidered in the coming days/weeks if there are no changes.

The ERT also discussed the article issued...(read more)

AIPES AGM 2018 dinner
GA Group 1000

Innovation Focus : FDG: The radioactive sugar that changed cancer diagnosis
The new publication from the AIPES Innovation Working Group is available for you to download here below.
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The previous issue of "Innovation Focus : Hybrid Imaging" as well as "Where NM is and Where NM goes?" are available in the Innovation Working Group Member area.

Brussels, 28 November 2017
On Tuesday, November 28, AIPES held a fourth teleconference of its Emergency Response Team (ERT), composed of Mo-99 processors, research reactors and generator manufacturers to review developments regarding the temporary halt of Mo-99 production activities at NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa). NTP reported that discussions between the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa) and thr South African National Regulator (NNR) are ongoing and that Mo-99 shipments would not resume before December 10 at the earliest.

Internaltional Mo-99 supply chain participants indicated that supply appears to be sufficient for the current week as a result of compensatory mesures which have been undertaken.

In a letter addressed on 27 November to the Minister of the appropriate department of the South African Government, the AIPES President communicated the impact of the NTP outage and also the need for a speedy resumption of NTP’s operations.

AIPES will hold another ERT call on Monday December 4th to receive a further update from NTP after which it will provide an additional communication.

Temporary Cessation of Mo-­‐99 Production Activities by NTP Radioisotopes (NTP)
• Brussels, 25 November 2017
On Friday November 24th AIPES held a third teleconference of its Emergency Response Team (ERT) composed of Mo-­‐99 processors, research reactors, and generator manufacturers to review developments regarding the temporary halt of Mo-99 production activities at NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa). NTP reported that its representatives and those of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa) will meet with the South African National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) on Monday November 27 to discuss recommended measures and actions to permit NTP to return to operations.

As a result of actions taken by a number of international Mo-99 supply chain participants, only limited shortages are expected in the coming week. However, the early return to service of NTP is necessary to ensure that sufficient supply of Mo-99 and I-123 is available to all markets.

AIPES will hold another ERT call on Tuesday, November 28 to receive a further update from NTP, after which it will provide an additional communication.

Temporary Cessation of Mo99 Production Activities by NTP
• Brussels - 22 November 2017
On Wednesday November 22nd AIPES held a second teleconference of its Emergency Response Team (ERT) composed of Mo---99 processors, research reactors, and generator manufacturers to review developments regarding the temporary halt of Mo-99 production activities at NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa). The Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa) and NTP have provided an action plan to the South African National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) and are in dialogue with NRR concerning appropriate measures to permit NTP to return to operations.

It is anticipated that there will be shortages in selected markets early next week. However, a number of international Mo-99 supply chain participants have undertaken actions to increase Mo-99 production for later in the week of November 27 and beyond in order to provide additional supply to customers affected by the NTP production cessation. AIPES will hold another ERT call on Friday, November 24 to receive another update from NTP.

AIPES will provide an additional communication at that time. AIPES will continue to monitor the situation and coordinate with Mo-99 supply chain members regarding further measures to compensate for any ongoing impact of the NTP Mo---99 production cessation.

Temporary Cessation of Mo-99 Production Activities by NTP Radioisotopes (NTP)
• Brussels - 19 November 2017
AIPES was informed on Saturday, November 18th by NTP Radioisotopes (South Africa) that it is currently experiencing a temporary halt of Mo-99 production activities as a result of an order to cease all its active pharmaceutical ingredients processing operations by the South African National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) late Friday November 17th. This followed NTP’s discovery of procedural deviations during Mo-99 production earlier in November related to a set of standard operating protocols, which NTP subsequently reported to the NNR.

It is emphasized that the processing and reactor facilities at NTP and its parent organization the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) have not been compromised and will be maintained in a production ready state pending NNR authorization to resume normal operations.

NTP and Necsa met and have formulated an action plan and will provide a response to the NNR including a set of recommendations to strengthen nuclear safety culture. NTP believes that these actions will swiftly remedy the situation in order to enable return to normal operations as soon as possible.

The main actors in the supply chain have extensively communicated together during the whole week-end and some mitigation actions have been immediately implemented. Some back-up deliveries have already been shipped on Saturday November 18th.

On Sunday November 19th AIPES held a teleconference of its Emergency Response Team (ERT) composed of Mo-99 processors, research reactors, and generator manufacturers to assess the situation and to coordinate possible mitigating actions. Efforts to provide back-up supply to customers affected by the NTP production cessation were discussed. It was concluded that some Mo-99 shortages would likely affect the market particularly in North and South America, Asia and possibly other regions during the upcoming week.

AIPES will hold another ERT call on Wednesday, November 22 to receive an update from NTP on its efforts to return to normal operations. AIPES will then coordinate further mitigating measures depending upon the expected additional length of the NTP temporary Mo-99 production cessation. AIPES will provide an additional communication at that time.

Hygeia banner
The Birth Of Hygieia

As part of a recent document made by the AIPES Innovation Working Group, the illustration about the use of tracers & radiotherapeutics for therapy and diagnosis has been widely acclaimed. If this illustration was originally in the recently published document "Where Nuclear Medicine Is and Where Nuclear Medicine Goes" and after its presentation at the EANM 17 congress in Vienna, it is now available for download in PDF (A3 format).

This illustration has been nicknamed "Hygieia", which was the Greek goddess of preventive medicine, but also the title of a famous painting by Gustav Klimt, referring here to the city of the painter where this illustration was presented for the first time.

The poster is available for download here, as well as the PDF version of "Where Nuclear Medicine Is and Where Nuclear Medicine Goes".

Hygieia Poster Mockup

A new name for the pioneering working group of AIPES
14 August 2017

The “Reactor and Isotopes Working Group” of AIPES was one of the first group created as from the beginning of our association. Its title was chosen while exchanges were exclusively between partners in the NM industry and research reactors.

The importance and visibility that this group has taken over time, the actions carried out at European and global levels, the objective to a more patient-centered vision, requires a revision of the title in order to better explain the challenges of the group to the NM community in general.

In this spirit, the AIPES Executive Committee decided that the former “Reactor and Isotope Working Group (RIWG)” would become the “ Security of Supply Working Group (SoS WG) effective July 11, 2017. The name change more accurately reflects the objectives of this important working group, which is to assist international stakeholders in providing secure, stable, and reliable supply of medical radioisotopes to meet patient needs.

The SoS WG (and predecessor RIWG) have focused on assuring reliable supply of Mo-99 by coordinating between Mo-99 processors, research reactor operators, and Tc-99m generator manufacturers to ensure that sufficient reactor capacity is available for target irradiation throughout the course of the year to meet daily patient demand for Mo-99 and Tc-99m procedures. The SoS WG will strengthen efforts to integrate into its reactor scheduling coordination activities the requirements for other reactor-produced radioisotopes.

A new identity
26 June 2017
A new identity for two of our members:
IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC unite and become one singular global organisation: Curium.

Capture d'écran 2017 06 28 à 17 25 20 Their new name is inspired by the pioneering spirit and radiation research performed by Marie and Pierre Curie. It is also a reiteration of their focus on nuclear medicine.
Visually, the Curium identity conveys a sense of continuity and advancement along the patient care continuum. Their brand tagline, “Life Forward”, encapsulates their commitment to customers and the industry they serve.

Click here to download the official Curium press release


A Panel of Mo-99 producers say supplies are secure, outline investments made to bolster future of supply. Panel convenes at Nuclear Medicine meeting in Denver.
“Supplies of the critical medical isotope molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) are secure and reliable according to a panel of leading experts gathered at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) 2017 annual meeting in Denver, Colorado in June.”

SNMMI 2017 Mo 99 Producers Panel
From left to right: Piet Louw (NTP South Africa), Frank De Lange (Curium Pharma The Netherlands), Sally Schwarz (SNMMI President), Jayne Senior (ANSTO, Australia), Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt (IRE Belgium and President AIPES), Roy Brown (Curium Pharma USA).


The 2017 General Assembly evening dinner
The AIPES General Assembly met in Brussels for the annual meeting on 9 and 10 May.
The evening dinner took place at the Chalet Robinson at the Bois de la Cambre.

This event is an opportunity to bring together in an informal way, the ever increasing number of our members since 2006, all representatives of the NM industry in different but complementary disciplines.


“We are delighted with the projects completed during the past year…, we are convinced that together we will build new solid bases for the development of nuclear medicine, thanks to all of you and to our common commitment” said Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt, AIPES President






What aids progress in molecular imaging technology?
An interview with Dr Antonis Kalemis, Vice President of AIPES

Capture d'écran 2016 11 24 à 16 55 25
Capture d'écran 2016 11 15 à 14 56 02


Brussels, 11 May 2016
The members of the association, representing the Nuclear Medicine industry in Europe, one of the fields in Healthcare where Europe is recognized as a world leader in innovation and skills, have elected their new board of directors:

Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt, CEO of IRE and IRE-ELiT and President of the company Transrad, is elected President of the AIPES for the next three years. Industrial Pharmacist with a post degree in Business Management and associated professor in pharmaceutical management in Universities in Belgium, he will ensure continuity with the previous management of AIPES, striving for a progressive development of the industry on the global market, where Europe must continue to strengthen its dominant and innovative role. “We will particularly encourage all initiatives within our industry to create strong links with the EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) and other associations in the world, but also with the Patient Groups in order to contribute to a more personalized medicine for a continuously improving healthcare system, where Nuclear Medicine has definitely a promising and enthusiastic role to play in the future.”

Michael Nader, Managing Director of AAA in Germany, Doctor in radiopharmaceutical chemistry from Universities of Heidelberg and Duke, Michael is determined to enforce AIPES activities to obtain full market recognition for radionuclide therapy and imaging procedure with adequate reimbursement and to promote cooperation between AIPES and other industry and medicinal associations.

Angel Hijos is International Demand & Supply Chain Manager Amyvid at Eli Lilly. Already an active member in some AIPES working group since 2013, he commits to interact actively and with compliance with European and National decision makers, other industry associations, to value innovations that new techniques and radiotracers could bring in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Antonis Kalemis, Senior Manager of Clinical Science, Advanced Molecular Imaging at Philips Healthcare. He has a PhD in Medical Physics and an MBA. Antonis has been active in AIPES since several years; he led the group of New Technologies and was the organizer of the annual AIPES Symposium. “We have managed to raise AIPES’ profile significantly the previous years; I am confident that this work needs to be continued and bring AIPES at a level that is considered an equal stakeholder in the European molecular imaging affairs and identified as the main representative of this industry” said Antonis.

Guy Turquet de Beauregard, who after nine years of dedication to the association to which he served as president from 2013 to date, received today from the General Assembly, the well-deserved title of Honorary President. “Nuclear medicine is a fast evolving specialty, and its industrial actors and AIPES must constantly adapt” says Guy Turquet de Beauregard; “I am convinced that the new elected Board will carry AIPES at the top of its achievements in the defense of the interests of our industry in Europe.”

11 April 2016
BERLIN AWARD aipesAIPES What is Nuclear Medicine website – – has been shortlisted for a prize in the Best Association Website category at the annual International and European Association Awards, head-to-head with two other websites for the award, announced on April 11 in Berlin, Germany.

7 January 2016
Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A. (“AAA” or Nasdaq: AAAP), acquired 100% of the shares of the IDB Group which includes our other member, IDB Holland bv. In consequence, in accordance with article 7 b) of the AIPES by-laws (“A company cannot be a member if it has an interest of 50 % or more in the capital of another member company or if its capital is owned at the rate of 50 % or more by another member company”) IDB Holland automatically left the AIPES membership at the day of its acquisition by AAA.

October 2015
mlktDuring the annual congress of EANM in October in Hamburg, a 2h slot for the representatives of the EU Observatory was dedicated to a visit to the EANM’15 exhibitor hall, guided by Mr Richard Zimmermann from Chrysalium Consulting. The following companies briefly presented their developments in the area of the nuclear medicine techniques, modalities and equipment: IRE, Mallinckrodt, Siemens, Philips, IBA, GE, ISI, Lilly and Isotop4Life.

GtdB JBAs every year, AIPES has a booth at the EANM Congress. Several meetings with our members took place. It was also an opportunity to meet with the Chairs of Scientific Committees of the EANM
(Guy Turquet de Beauregard, President AIPES and Jocelyne Baldasso, Administrator)

SNMMI 1Having our own booth at the Annual SNMMI Congress is a unique opportunity to enable our members to meet on the other side of the Atlantic, to communicate with our alter ego in the US, such as CORAR association with which we exchange every year our projects of common interest in the field of nuclear medicine. The 2015 congress of SNMMI took place in June in Baltimore.

NMAW SNMmi2Informal meetings in Baltimore (Serge Goossens, from ISI, Fred Verzijlbergen from Erasmus Clinic in The Netherlands and Kevin Charlton from OECD NEA)