Working Groups

Several Working Groups, constituted from experts from all member companies, have been instituted within AIPES.
The Working Groups draft position papers and aim to influence the decision making process through their contacts with the key regulatory and legislative staff.
On a regular base, it provides members with news and relevant documents issued by EU institutions and affiliated committees concerning pharmaceutical and imaging legislation and market trends.
The Expert Group discusses issues of mutual interest and aims to agree to common positions for responses to health authorities and institutions.

Currently existing Working Groups:

  • Reactor & Isotope: Coordinates current and future solutions for the supply of the radionuclides necessary in the radiopharmaceutical applications.
  • New Technologies: Assesses the consequences of new technologies in all processes involved with nuclear medicine and molecular healthcare.
  • Transport Experts: cooperates with the regulators for worldwide road, air or sea transportation of radioactive materials.
  • Regulatory Affairs: analyses the draft pieces of legislation and monitors their adoption by the Eu legislator. Moreover, the Group lobbies the EU and Member States’ authorities involved in the regulatory process for the marketing authorization of radiopharmaceuticals and related equipment while taking into account patient safety and environment regulations.
  • Nuclear Medicine Awareness: communicates all relevant information regarding nuclear medicine and molecular healthcare to all communities, EU, governments, agencies, physicians, patient groups and public.
  • Health Policy: is committed to promote the generation of scientific evidence in Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine to be used by the health policy decision makers.